Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Old Days

I was taken back to the early 90's when i went into a shop in town and saw some liquid gold, i thought they stopped making that stuff years ago but it looks likes its as strong as ever for sales according to the new shop owner, who seems to be selling loads of it. I can remember poppers from back in the day the early 90's and the rave scene. Clearly not every corner shop is selling them like they where but there's still demand for them. i even went online out of interest and you can get them from places like shiva and other headshops

After this little trip down memory lane i put the ipod on when i got home and put some old skool rave tunes on, stuff like Liquid & Awesome 3, those where the days

Thursday, 12 April 2012


There are plenty of kings cross hotels in London, so if your heading down for the Olympics then you shouldn't need to worry to much but bare in mind that the world is descending upon London so leaving booking late will probably leave you without a hotel, as space is going to be strictly limited.

Its estimated that over 12.7 million tourists are set to descend upon London for the Diamond Jubilee and of course the Olympics.

The Diamond Jubilee will also give us an extra public bank holiday which will also see more people traveling to London.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Temple Run Online hit

Temple Run is sweeping itunes markets across the global as a hit sensation game, its not yet released for any android based devices so your luck is currently out, but there is rumours that it will be out within weeks due to the huge success that has been seen over on the iOs stage.

You can play Temple Run Online at varying gaming websites so even if you are stuck without an Apple product you aren't fully left out